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preface we would like to introduce our most current product, automatic without alveolar winder of double wall corrugated board. This new machine, developed by our company FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK, s.r.o. was founded for corrugator machine in a different working widths. Maximum avereage wind is 1.200 mm and speed of winding is 125 m /min. Construction of this winder makes it possible for cutting diferent widths of lists (strips) double wall corrugated board. Minimum width of cutting is 80mm. This fully automatic winder meet the all safety requiraments compared width machine operating staff. This machine works by this time, in the working width of 2.500mm, in the company SCA Packaging Czech Republic.

Details about this and our new product, including video-sequence of winder in full running, we are preparing for you. We are intorducing you at least few photos of our winder (for winder) in this moment.




The other retrofits of machines, for processing corrugated board, you will find in section ,,RETROFIT OF MACHINERY".


Let us offer you, among others, also used machines from corrugated industry, which you will find in section ,,OFFER OF MACHINERY". Those machines offered in this section are mostly in very good technical shape, some of them went through our workshop of our company FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK, s.r.o. already and we have made a middle, or a general overhaul on them.


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